Nuno K106
Nuno K106
Nuno K106
Nuno K106

Nuno K106


  • Handmade
  • Materials : 100% Merino wool and silk
  • Ships worldwide


  • Handmade and designed by artisans in Turkey using nuno technique.
  • Pleasant to touch, feels silky on skin and is a good accessory for cold/warm seasons and for your elegant clothes.
  • This"one of a kind" shawl is perfect fashion accessory for yourself or as a unique hand-made gift.  
  • This is a light and airy shawl with delicate curves of felt contrasted with a solid silk fabric.  
  • It is beautiful, stylish
  • Dry clean only


  • Width- 14 inches/ 35.5 cm
  • Length- 83 inches/ 210 cm

The product will be sent with USPS within 3 business days after confirmation of your order.

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